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Mold Removal in Central Houston

mold removal restoration remediation crew central houstonMold infestation can have a disastrous impact on the structure of your house and the health of your family. Despite being one of the worst contaminants, it goes widely unnoticed until the unsightly dark spots have stained your walls and warped the wooden fixtures in your home. If you are worried about mold wreaking havoc on your property, professional mold removal in Central Houston can help you protect your prized belongings while ensuring the safety of your loved ones. 

For those who may be unaware, the microscopic mold spores thrive in damp environments and feed on organic materials. While bathrooms and basements are more prone to mold growth and mildew, these harmful spores can also lurk behind wallpapers, under wooden floors, on ceilings, around insulation materials, and in other dark corners of your house. Since it is not easy to spot, mold can silently affect your quality of life and put your home at risk of major damage.

Fortunately, the IICRC-certified technicians at 911 Restoration of Central Houston can help detect and effectively eliminate mold from your home in as little as a day. With years of experience under their belts, our highly qualified experts offer free visual mold inspection and work with a third-party laboratory for efficient testing. They also take every measure for mold remediation and employ leading-edge equipment for decontamination. 

The Process for Mold Removal in Central Houston

mold removal restoration remediation truck central houstonMold is not only unattractive to look at, but it can also cause a range of structural and health-related problems. 

For instance, mold and mildew can damage your HVAC systems, roofing, gutters, drywall, and furniture. In addition, exposure to mold spores can result in headaches, allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, and skin irritation. In the worst-case scenario, it can aggravate asthma symptoms and cause long-lasting damage to the respiratory system. 

You can reach out to 911 Restoration of Central Houston for mold remediation at any time. Our emergency response teams are on standby around-the-clock and can reach your location in 45 minutes or less. 

Our mold inspection and removal process includes:

  • Assessing the condition of your property and looking for signs of mold infestation 
  • Setting up an effective mold remediation plan after identifying areas of growth
  • Setting up barriers to prevent mold spores from spreading to other parts of the house
  • Eradicating mold from all corners of your property using air filters and other equipment
  • Removing and restoring mold-infested furnishings and other possessions
  • Fixing the cause of mold infestation, such as leaking or burst pipes, to reduce the risk of future growth

Warning Signs of Mold Infestation 

Homeowners in Central Houston must keep an eye out for these common signs of mold growth.

Dark Spots on Walls and Ceilings

Mold isn’t always green and fuzzy. Some types of mold may have white or yellow hues, while others may seem pink or dotted with various colors. As far as the texture is concerned, some molds have a velvety appearance, while others may look closer to liquids. 

That being said, if you notice any unusual stains or spots growing on your walls, flooring, or ceiling, it is time to contact 911 Restoration for a mold inspection. 

Musty Odors

If your house smells damp or earthy all the time, it could signify that it has become infested with mold. More often than not, it is almost impossible to detect mold growth when it is in its initial stage. However, as the spores multiply and take over the structure, the musty odor gets stronger.

Water Damage

Mold needs moisture to grow. So, if you are dealing with leaking pipes or your house has experienced flooding in recent years, there is a chance that mold and mildew may be growing somewhere out of sight on your property.

If you suspect mold infestation, please make sure to contact our IICRC-certified technicians today. 

Call 911 Restoration of Central Houston for Quick Mold Removal

As one of the most trusted home restoration companies in the region, 911 Restoration of Central Houston takes pride in its proven mold detection and remediation services. Our team of experts makes sure to minimize your damage and help you avoid expensive repairs. We also help our clients navigate the insurance claims process and provide them with all the assistance they may need to file a claim.

Please feel free to contact us for emergency home restoration and mold removal in Central Houston.

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